Warkworth Lawyer For A Wide Range Of Legal Issues

Top 5 Most Common Services Offered By A Warkworth Lawyer

justice-scaleLawyers servicing Warkworth provide a wide range of services and legal advice to their clients. Most of these services are well known to the general public while there are others that you might not have heard of. Common services provided by a lawyer range from consultations, drafting documents to representation. You can hire a lawyer to assist in resolving disputes and offer an unbiased perspective in a conflict. To ensure that you are getting quality services, it is crucial to find an experienced law firm with a good reputation. A good law firm is bound to have a team of professional lawyers that strive to provide quality services. The following are some of the services that a Warkworth lawyer can provide:


– Legal Advice

The general public understandably has limited knowledge of the legal system although many people have opinions. This is why it is important to acquire a professional Warkworth lawyer to guide you on legal matters rather than take the suggestions of your friends or other people you might know.  The law is broad and deals with many areas; therefore, you have to consult someone who specialises in interpreting it or specific fields. When you seek legal advice before you make any decision, you will be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes. A lawyer will guide you on issues involving the divorce process, how to settle it and any financial obligations required.


– Legal Representation

Legal representation can take a number of forms. One is if you are charged with a particular offense and are taken to court, then you can hire a lawyer to represent you in court. Most likely, you are not familiar with the court formalities and proceedings hence a lawyer will provide the necessary assistance and guidance while fighting to prove your innocence. However, not all, in fact much less, legal representation involves court work. It can also include negotiating with lawyers representing an opposing party in a dispute.  The aim is to reach agreement instead of resorting to a court case. This is much cheaper, generally quicker and there is a degree of knowing an outcome because a court decision is out of the hands of those representing clients.


– Real Estate Services

In case you are planning on buying or selling land, houses or other forms of property, then it is always smart to seek the services of a lawyer. You will most likely need a lawyer to read through and advise on the Sale and Purchase Agreement before you sign it. You will also need the lawyer to handle the mortgage documents and title deeds.


For more complex land transactions, an experienced and expert lawyer can help in negotiations to get the best price and conditions. They will have a good sense of what the current market prices are, probably more than their client does.  If you are dealing with commercial properties, then you will need a lawyer that not only has experience with corporate deals but can also advise on leases and other documents and conditions relating to the property you are planning to buy.


– Corporate Law

If you own or manage a business or other legal entity, it is likely that you will have contracts of some sort at some point. These might be for selling goods and services or buying them. Whichever, it is a good idea to have a lawyer in Warkworth look over any documents before your commit to them.


There are numerous other aspects in which a local lawyer can help businesses. These include finance papers, terms of trade, shareholder agreements and many others.


– Divorce and Separation

Legal separation and divorce is an issue that affects many couples. While the laws are quite clear in New Zealand and state that for the most part, a couple has a fifty-fifty right to all matrimonial property, there are still issues to be resolved.


Warkworth lawyerFor example, some property may have been owned prior to the start of the relationship. A divorce lawyer will advise and negotiate whether this is to be included in the joint matrimonial property. If a home is involved, then one party will have to by it from the other, or it is sold and the proceeds included in the joint property. Either way, a lawyer will need to be involved to handle the paperwork.


It is also common for one party to try to claim more than half of the joint assets. Having a lawyer on your side will help protect your position in this case.


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