Original Materials and Techniques For Villa Renovations

Good Builders Respect the Original Materials and Techniques For Villa Renovations

Old villas were meant to last for generations and were properties that were always proudly handed over to the next generation. Their basic designs made for healthy

villa renovations Auckland

Villa renovations Auckland
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homes that used environmentally friendly materials although that was not an issue at the time. So if you are looking at a villa renovation project, then the following might help.

It is almost certain that in an old home you will find wool insulation, well-seasoned timber and building products salvaged from other properties. They will have integrity in the composition of the home, which will adapt to any change in lifestyle. Old homes are also likely to have around them well maintained landscapes known more for their natural beauty and than one that has a manicured and artificial appearance. All this has led to many people preferring to live in old homes, if they are lucky to buy them or in some cases inherit them from ancestors. Time does leave its ravages on older homes, and this is why at times you may feel the need to restore an old home to pristine condition.

The materials and structures in an old home need to be restored or repaired with a lot of care. That is why you need to get in an experienced specialist builder for the restoration of villas and old homes. They must be people who are used to traditional methods of conservation. This includes being adept in using lime plasters, mortars, old woods and all material that give any restored home the breathable quality that older constructions always had. A builder entrusted with the task of restoring an old Auckland villa will first carry out a thorough inspection of the home, the materials used, repairs needed and other problems that may be affecting the home. Existing homes in the area, which belong to that era, may also be visited to understand the styles and materials. Every building has its own particular design element that gives it a particular charm, and any restoration undertaken, will always be done in such a way that this is never lost. However, if you choose a renovation company in Auckland that has worked on numerous villa restorations, then they will be able to advise you about your home.

Restoration of old homes will require repairs to stone walls, replacing wooden weatherboards, repairs to windows and doors, replacing roofs and many other actions to make the home livable once again.

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A major problem that restorers of old homes encounter is dealing with dampness. Old buildings were mainly solid walled structures and built with materials that could breathe. This meant that dampness was one thing that could never be completely eliminated. When such walls heat up the air within their pores goes out of the wall, and when the reverse happens, air gets drawn in. When this air is damp, the air may get cooled below dew point and form droplets of water. This is why any attempt at restoration that uses coatings that seal in the water, will then allow it to build up within the wall, which in turn will damage the coatings, whether they are paint or plasters. A more practical way of dealing with dampness is to study its origin and prevent it from occurring. A check on ground levels outside the building quite often brings about an obvious solution. The problem can also come from vegetation near walls or trees that create shade and prevent the wall from drying up in the sun. A check can also be made of roofs to ensure that drains, spouting and gutters are working properly.

A good builder who restores an old home has to study the materials from which it has been made and understand them. They will never suggest cement render or any of the new-fangled epoxy and other chemical based plasters that stop walls of old house from breathing. In the case of woodwork, any restoration will continue with the practice in use by older craftsmen and depend on fine craftsmanship to deal with any repairs, instead of using glues, adhesives and other fasteners.

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