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Key Points to Consider During House Renovation


House renovation projects can be quite challenging especially if you want to do it all yourself. However, home improvement entails a number of projects which should be done professionally if the desired results are to be achieved. These projects may range from the flooring, fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom, lighting and roofing among others and it is paramount to ensure that quality is enhanced in all stages of the renovation. The basic steps below will go a long way in making your project a success and pocket friendly experience.


Create some room:

It is always advisable to begin your house renovation projects by removing unnecessary items or old stuff that may be lingering around. By doing this, you will be able to have an enhanced vision of what exactly needs to be restored and where as well. Either way, you still will have to create room before the inception of the project, so why not start immediately? There are numerous ways of achieving this such as garage sales for instance which will also come in handy financially speaking.


Create a budget and task list:

One of the best ways of creating a budget and comprehensive plan is through making a list of what will need to be renovated in your home. The list should also include the most basic of items both interior and exterior so as to determine the returns your investment (ROI) will yield over a while. ROI is always of paramount importance especially to the home owners planning to sell in the near future.


Too often people undertake major renovations with a view to on-selling when the project is completed but do not do the maths to see if they will be able to recover their costs. In fact, people frequently over-capitalise their property. In their min a new kitchen and the extra bedroom will make the home much more desirable and go all out to make the house extension as good as possible only to discover that the extra rooms do not match the market price in their area. Not all suburbs are priced for four bedroom houses.

Consider the pain points:

Every home owner’s desire is to create a stress free environment which is conducive for every member of the family. This can be achieved by identifying the pain points around your home and working on them immediately. Pain points are to bluntly put, those areas or aspects in your home that you just can’t stand. The pain points may range from the colour of paint in your kid’s bedroom or the lack of enough space in your bathroom or kitchen. Regardless of the ROI, doing this will significantly enhance the comfort of each member of your family besides reducing stress around the home which is paramount.


Consider the time and tasks:

It is always essential to consider the amount of time and effort each project will take. This will help you determine which projects you can DIY and those that will require professional aid. Considering the amount of time each project will consume will also help you plan ahead especially if you will need to relocate your family for a while for those major home renovation projects.


All that being said, home renovation need not be a daunting and expensive affair. By following the above steps, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your projects as well as creating a conducive environment which is delightful for every family member.


The above are relatively easy renovation projects that most DIY handy-men can do for themselves. However, for those who have major home renovation projects, it would be advisable to get professional help.


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Replacing a few cupboards is one thing. Knocking down and building walls, especially load-bearing and external walls, is a completely different kettle of fish. This is even more of an issue if you are currently living n the house. The disruption can take weeks and often extend into months if it is done part-time. Then you have to consider plumbing and electrical wiring. These days, insurance companies can be very difficult if new wiring does not have professional sign-off.


A final thought is the quality of the finish of the various jobs. A professional house renovations company will have experts with years of experience in electrical work, plumbing, building, kitchen installation, and decorating. If you are thinking of doing the job yourself, you are effectively trying to be all of these experts with very little experience. To be fair to yourself, your family and to make your house easier to sell, hire a house renovations company.


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